Monday, September 10, 2012

E-bike development

We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night and I was stopped short in my tracks by the former colleague who asked whether we had a pedelec. Do I look that old? We do have 9 bicycles, but I don't see any need at the moment for an electric bike. However it strikes me that if one is returning to cycling after a long period as a car driver and couch potato, maybe after heart problems have developed, then the new Kalkhoff system which monitors the rider's pulse and zaps up the power when the pulse rate gets too high could be the answer to worries about taking too much exercise:  The Kalkhoff Impulse Ergo Nuvinci 360 Harmony is the “exercise machine” for outdoors – This e-bike is an absolute world-first. In collaboration with the Institute of Sport Science and Sport Erlangen, (A department of the University of Erlangen) Kalkhoff has developed the unique Impulse Ergo System, which enables you to train in your chosen pulse range beyond the four walls of the gym or fitness centre. The bike is able to detect any pulse change of the rider and in turn increases or decreases the power of the motor.
(Taken from the Eurobike 2012 new items press release)

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