Monday, January 14, 2013

Sleeeping in straw in Switzerland

Cycling in Switzerland is not all mountain passes and expensive hotels. There are flatter routes: The Rhine Route from Chur downstream, Route 5 the Mittelland Route from Z├╝rich to Lausanne and Route 8 the Aare Route from Meieringen through Interlaken, Thun and Berne towards the Rhine. Swiss Trails ( offer reasonably priced trips with luggage transport and bike hire along these routes with prebooking of farms offering sleeping in straw. It's a great holiday and would be wonderful for children, because they can also take part in the life of the farm. Quite often the farmers, more often their wives will run you and the family up an evening meal. It's an excellent and economical way to see the country. You will of course need to take a sleeping bag and a torch per person.

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