Friday, February 12, 2016

Sending bicycles from Britain to western Europe

About three years ago we wrote a series of small articles for the website on travelling to Europe accompanied by a bicycle. We are in process doing a major spring clean and revision of these articles. Unfortunately the slow death of sleeper trains in Europe means that the Paris-Munich and Amsterdam-Copenhagen CityNightLine trains no longer run. These were keystone routes in our suggestions to whisk cyclists and bicycles across the continent. The night trains have been replaced by early morning high speed trains, but these unfortunately do not often take bicycles unless disassembled and put in bags. Apart from flying or hiring one cure for this problem is to send your bicycle on in advance and you can travel across Europe on High Speed Trains unencumbered by a bike bag. I recently came across two British firms that organise shipment. You can send the bike to one place and have it picked up somewhere else for the return, so a long linear ride along a river valley, for example, becomes a possibility. Unlike hiring a bike the you do not have to return it to the starting point. Details, prices, delivery times can be found on the websites.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Baggage (especially bicycles) forwarding within Germany.

Deutsche Bahn, German Railways offer baggage forwarding services including bicycles. The company does not transport baggage itself, but uses a German logistics company called Hermes. Information about these door to door services is only available in German.You cannot send your bike from a station to another, i.e. you will need a pick up address in Germany and a shipping address. The space formerly occupied by baggage express services on the station will now be filled by a shop selling ladies' underwear or a night club. Such is progress. However you can send a bicycle in two or three days from any German address to any other German address for 27.50€.  If you inform the railways of your wish to send one or more bikes, the pick up service will bring you packing for it or them. For four Euros more you can specify a three hour time window when the bike/s will be picked up. If you send the bike to an airport then it will be stored until you pick it up. You will have to pay a few Euros a day charges, but in case you have damaged your bike or yourself, shipping your bike might be worth doing, rather than lugging it about with you.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

E-road bikes?

I came across an advertisement today in our Sunday paper for a local big shed bicycle dealer who is currently selling over 1000 bikes at much reduced prices. The E-bike section caught my eye. In addition to sensible bikes like second hand Flyers at 55% cheaper than the new price and new Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse for ca 1500 Euros, a saving of 600 Euros, there are also E-mountain bikes and E-road bikes for sale. I can just about understand the concept of E-mountain bike. There was an article in "Panorama", the German Alpine Club's magazine last year about a group of more mature cyclists (65+) who cycled one of the Transalp MTB routes and used the extra power to ascend steeper bits on the way. This is not a bad wheeze, especially at my time of life. However a road bike is a fitness machine and to add electrical power to make life easier is a bit like having an escalator to reach a fitness studio on the first floor.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Aldi Süd solar power

Over the last few years Aldi Süd, the German discounter, has installed solar photo-voltaic collectors on the roofs of one thousand of its German stores and logistic centres. The electricity collected is mainly used to power the stores, depots and offices. A little however is used at fifty stores in South and West Germany to power charging stations for cars and e-bikes, so while cyclists and motorists are visiting the store they can top their batteries free of charge. Not a bad idea and it would be good if other stores and shopping centres could do the same.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Wertheim, A new town joins the Romantic Road Part II

We wrote a couple of weeks ago that a new town, Wertheim, has joined the Romantic Road. The last time I enquired there is no Romantic Road signposting for cyclists between Würzburg and Wertheim. The starting  point of the route is at present  and remains Würzburg. However if one wishes to cycle to Wertheim, then leave Würzburg on the Aalbach Radroute (Cycle Route) to Bettingen and then follow the signposted River Main Cycle Path on the left bank to Wertheim. After visiting Wertheim just follow the Tauber Valley Cycle Route to Tauberbischofsheim.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bicycle transfer on Majorca

We received the following email from Mallorcan company. We thought the information might be of interest to cyclists planning a visit to Mallorca this winter and spring.

2016 CYCLING SEASON……….Majorca Airport Transfers is a reliable specialist provider of transfers for passengers travelling with bikes, from Palma airport to all locations on Majorca.  Each year our regular cycle training groups and individual customers come to Majorca from all over Europe, North America and Canada for training / competition events in Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia and Paguera.

2016 FAHRRADSAISON..... Majorca Airport Transfers ist ein zuversichtlicher Spezialist für Fahrgäste die mit Fahrrädern in Fahrradtaschen oder in Hartschalenkoffern
reisen.  Wir können Ihnen einen zuversichtlichen Transport vom Flughafen von Palma zu Ihrem Urlaubsziel auf Mallorca anbieten.  
Jedes Jahr und in einem regelmässigen  Zyklus kommen aus ganz Europa , Nordamerika und Kanada Radsportfahrer die hier trainieren oder an Wettkämfen teilnehmen die hier auf der Insel stattfinden und unseren Servíce nutzen.

From our customer reception office in Palma airport arrivals hall, flights are monitored for any delays to ensure transport is always available. Transfers are by quality vehicles (mainly Mercedes) with secure sturdy box trailers for the bikes or minibuses/coaches for passengers and bikes.

We also have a low cost Shuttlebus service. Example. 1 passenger with luggage and 1 bike in bag or hard case just 46 euro return to and from Puerto Pollensa or Alcudia.

Whatever your transfer requirements with bikes please e-mail us for a competitive quotation.


Von unserem Kundenbüro aus, dass sich in der Ankunftshalle vom Flughafen Palma befindet, überprüfen wir Ihre Flüge so das Ihr Transfer auch bei Verzögerungen und Verspätungen gewährleistet werden kann.  Die Transfers werden nur in hochwertigen Fahrzeugen ausgeführt, hauptsächlich Mercedes sowie in Kleinbussen und Bussen für Fahrgäste und Räder, die mit einem sicheren stabilen Trailer extra für Fahrräder mit Sicherheitsboxen ausgestattet sind. 

Wir können unseren Kunden kostengünstige Transfers anbieten Zum Beispiel :  1 Fahrgast mit Gepäck und einer Fahrradtasche oder Hardschalenbox wäre der Preis 46 € für die Hin und Rückfahrt nach Puerto Alcudia oder nach Puerto Pollenca.

Wie auch immer Ihr Transportbedarf mit Fahrrädern ist, um Ihnen ein wettbewerbsfähiges Angebot zu machen, wenden Sie sich bitte per e-mail an uns.

Majorca Airport Transfers - Menorca Airport Transfers - Ibiza Airport Transfers
Edificio Túcan,
Avda Túcan 33, Esc 3, 2ºD
07400 Port d'Alcudia
Tel:  (0034) 971 549497   Fax:   (0034) 971 549875
Móvil:  (0034) 664 267644

De conformidad con la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos y su reglamento de desarrollo, le informamos que sus datos personales se incluirán en un fichero responsabilidad de EUROPEAN AIRPORT TRANSFERS SL. con la finalidad de gestionar las comunicaciones necesarias, así como realizar acciones de publicidad y prospección comercial. Usted podrá ejercitar sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición, dirigiéndose a la siguiente dirección:
EUROPEAN AIRPORT TRANSFERS SL., Avda Tucán 33, Esc. 3, 2ºD, 07400 Puerto de Alcudia, Illes Baleares.

Friday, January 08, 2016

E-bike hire in Feuchtwangen

Rental- and Service / Prices

E-bikes can be rented from Sporthaus Bräunlein, Marktplatz 11/13. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6:30 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.Information is also available from Tourist Information Feuchtwangen, Marktplatz 1, 91555 Feuchtwangen, T: 09852 90455,
  • Fahrradhaus Bräunlein
    Marktplatz 11/13
    91555 Feuchtwangen
    Tel.: 09852 616464
  • Fahrrad Schmeißer
    Dorfgütingen 21
    91555 Feuchtwangen
    Tel.: 09852 2348
One day 20€
Three days 35€
One week 60€

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