Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recumbent Trike Hire in Germany

Although you can hire bicycles and even e-bikes in most German cities and towns, few shops or organisations offer trikes for hire. We have looked at the rental market for trikes and there are not many companies offering trikes for a one or two week period. Some shops really only offer trikes for hire as a way of letting the customer try a various models for a few hours to help in deciding which trike to buy. We will not list these organisations, just the ones we think offer a weeks hire. We do not recommend any of these companies nor does omission from this list inply any criticism. In any case it is not possible to pick up a trike in one shop and drop it off somewhere else, so you will need to plan a circular route. (Except if you take advantage of Ostsee3rad's offer to pick you at the end of your trip. This is not free of charge.) BTW if you wish to put the trike on a train, make sure it is a foldable trike, because German Railways will not carry unfolded trikes. AZUB, HPVelotechnik and ICE offer foldable trikes. If you wish to hire a trike and do not speak German write to the company of your choice in simple English to reserve your trike/s.

The following companies offer trike rental for more than one day.

Ostsee3rad, Olaf Reinike, Lindenweg 41, 23974 Alt Farpen, Germany

Telephone: 0151 50589799, Email: info @ (Leave the blanks out!)
Website: (In German)

This company offers trikes on the Baltic Coast. It is a good area to tour with plenty of accommodation, tea shops, snack bars and fine sandy beaches. The company also offers normal bicycles for rent.

Rental Prices / Service

Recumbent Trikes (2018)

Model Up to 2h One Day One Week Deposit  
KMX perf. / Anthrotech 15.00 € 25.00 € 125.00 € 50.00 €
KMX Kompact (Kids) 12.00 € 60.00 € 50.00 €
ICE Adventure / Sprint 15.00 € 40.00 € 200.00 € 50.00 €
ICE FULLFAT 15.00 € 50.00 € 250.00 € 50.00 €

Hase TRIGO / TRIGOup Check Later Trikes not yet available 50.00 €

Trike Pedelec-model 20.00 € 50.00 € 250.00 € 50.00 €

Cargo trike (Pedelec) 15.00 € 35.00 € Check 50.00 €

  • A week is seven days.
  • Extension rental 70.00 € (100€ for Pedelec) jfor each additional week
  • Cleaning  Costs: 7.50 € per Trike (Only in case the trikes are very dirty.)
Other demonstration trikes are available. They can be rented when available.
Prices include VAT. The deposit will be returned if the trike is returned clean and undamaged. An identification document must be shown when renting the trikes. Reservation is recommended. Group na dfamily tarifs are available on request.
Delivery to your hotel:
  • Less than 2 days rental up to 10km - 5€
  • More than 5 days rental up to 20km -10€.
  • Distances greater than 10km check with ostsee3rad. (Special deals are possible.)
Pick up and drop off of the trikes from a railway station:
ostsee3rad will deliver trikes to the mainline station in Wismar and pick them up at the end of your tour. This service is free of charge for a rental period of at least five days. The company can also transport your luggage to your hotel. Price on application.

One way trips:
The company is prepared to pick up trikes and their riders either after a day trip or a longer several day tour along the coast. Costs on application.

TRAIX CYCLES, Dortmunder Str. 1, D-48155 Münster, T: +49 251.20891037, 
Fax: +49 251.20891039, email:, (In German and English, but there is no mention of trike hire in the english version.)

With 4500km of cycle ways, nine major cycle routes and some of the cyclist friendliest towns and cities in Germany the Münsterland is one of the best places to cycle in the country.

Rental trikes and bicycles

ein Tag Verlängerungstag
+24 h
eine Woche
KMX Kids' Trikes

K-3 (ca. 1,00 - 1,50 m) 12 Euro +10 Euro 60 Euro
Kompact (ca. 1,35 - 1,75 m) 20 Euro +15 Euro 100 Euro

KMX Adult Trikes

16" / 20" Räder 25 Euro +20 Euro 130 Euro
20" / 24" Räder 25 Euro +20 Euro 130 Euro
20" / 26" Räder 30 Euro +25 Euro 150 Euro

Traix Liegerad (Recumbent bike)

Flash 25 Euro +20 Euro 130 Euro
Phantom 25 Euro +20 Euro 130 Euro

ICE Trikes

ICE Sprint 2645 Euro+40 Euro225 Euro
ICE Sprint 55 Euro +50 Euro 275 Euro
ICE Adventure HD40 Euro+35 Euro 200 Euro
ICE Adventure E-Trike75 Euro+70Euro375 Euro
ICE FullFat50 Euro+45 Euro250 Euro

HP Velotechnik

Speedmachine 35 Euro +30 Euro180 Euro
Grasshopper fx35 Euro+ 30 Euro180 Euro
Gekko fx 20 30 Euro +25 Euro 150 Euro
Gekko fx 26 Pedelec 75 Euro +70 Euro 375 Euro
Gekko fxs 45 Euro+40 Euro 225 Euro
Scorpion fx 50 Euro +45 Euro 250 Euro
Scorpion fs 20 Pedelec 75 Euro+70 Euro  375 Euro
Scorpion fs 26 50 Euro +45 Euro 250 Euro
Scorpion Plus 2050 Euro+45 Euro250 Euro
Scorpion Plus 26 Pedelec85 Euro+80 Euro425 Euro

Folding Bicycle

Airnimal Joey 20 Euro +15 Euro 100 Euro

Circe Cycles Tandems

Helios 25 Euro +20 Euro 125 Euro
Morpheus 35 Euro +30 Euro 175 Euro

All prices in Euros including 19% V.A.T.  This table is taken from the company's website, but changes in prices and conditions are the company's discretion.


LLR Lausitzer Liegerad GmbH
Frank Budich

Dorfstraße 18
01968 Senftenberg OT Niemtsch

Telephone: +49 (0)160 350 2949, Email:

The Lausitz lies between Dresden and Cottbus near the German - Polish border with good access to the River Spree, the Oder - Neise cycle route and extensive landscaped lakes formed from opencast mining sites.

The company offers rental ICE and KMX trikes, but we have no information about prices.

VMW VeloMobilWerk
Sebastian Kittlitz
Dorfstr. 36
85435 Erding
Tel. 08122-558860
Fax: 08122-558861

Radhaus Erding
Sebastian Kittlitz
Landshuter Str. 39
85435 Erding
Tel. 08122-9660064

Erding lies north of Munich. The area offers extensive cycle routes.
VMW offers KMX and Sinner trikes with and without electrical assistance for 30  Euros a day.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Sign of the Times

Apropos of nothing in particular a pair of stories that I found when I was sorting through some papers that belonged to my father. I found a postcard that I had written to my parents around 1970. I wrote, “Oslo is very impressive but very expensive. My hotel costs £4 a night and evening meals cost £2.” More than probably a good reason to make sure your tourist guide is up to date when do your budget planning.
My father had kept a clipping from the “Bolton Evening News” about my travels in the USA in 1963.On the reverse was a court report. A driver drank six and a half pints of beer and drove his car. He collided with a wall, demolished it, was picked up by the police and ended up in court. He admitted to drinking six and a half pints, but was not fined. The court accepted his reasoning that six and a half pints were much less than his usual evening ration of fourteen pints, so he wasn’t drunk. This was in pre breathalyzer times.                              

Friday, October 20, 2017

Financial assistance to buy an e-bike in two German provinces.

The German Federal Government does not have any plans at the moment to offer financial encouragement to purchasers of electro-vehicles, but two provinces are offering assistance to buyers of e-bikes. 

In Saarland purchasers of up to five pedelecs, cargo-pedelecs or electroscooters annually can receive up to 50% of the costs to a maximum of 1000€ for pedelecs and 1500€ for cargo-pedelecs. In addition construction of new parking areas, charging pillars and new projects such as e-bike hire for tourists will be supported.

In Baden-Württemberg the focus is on supporting the use of cargo-pedelecs as alternatives to small delivery vans. Companies, councils and not-for-profit bodies can receive up to 2000€ per vehicle. It is hoped to achieve that 5% of the deliveries in major cities will be made by bicycle and cargo bikes.

Both press releases are in German, but a translator program will yield the main facts of the programmes.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ciclovia Alpe-Adria-Radweg

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog will have noticed that it has not been published recently. I was in hospital receiving treatment for a blood disease. In my experience every time I meet the medical profession they discover something new and nasty in addition. In this case it was noticed my heart was only working at about 30% efficiency. I had noticed a tendency to breathlessness when climbing hills on the bike or on foot but put it down to colds, allergies and old age. If you feel the same way it is worth popping into your local cardiologist and having a check up. Once my heart had been repaired the oncologists could start giving me a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs. One of the side effects of my blood condition has meant that I  have a fracture of the spine because my lymph nodes are swollen and one these is too close to my spine. In this situation I need a little something to keep me cheerful. Unfortunately I am now too old to flirt with the nurses, so I have been looking at a cycling holiday next year. Whether I need a new electro-bike to help the heart or a new electro-trike to not only help the heart and offer support for my back is not clear, but I have found a suitable route: The Alpe-Adria Cycleway: This runs from Salzburg down to Grado on the Med between Triest and Venice, and one can take a train through the Alps. The first question to be answered is will the Drs recommend that I cycle, at all? I have looked in various forums without becoming much the wiser.

The first problem to be solved is how do we get to Salzburg? We can take a direct train from Mannheim. The e-bike would be no problem. DB German Rail ac cepts e-bikes.  Most long distance trains do not take trikes or tandems, however. Three manufacturers: AZUBHPVelotechnik and ICE offer folding trikes which mean not only are they cheaper to transport, but you can get them onto a train, possibly with difficulty. Folded bikes go free of charge when folded. I am going to assume that the same applies to folded trikes.

The second possible problem is getting back from the coast after the trip, but it turns out that this just costs money. We can use a minibus with trailer option from Grado back to Udine, Villach or even Salzburg ( 

It is a gentle occupation looking at various websites about the areas along the route, hotel accommodation and the railway connections. It is probably the modern day equivalent of reading Cooks International Timetable and a good Atlas, which always struck me as some of the most interesting literature in the world.

Friday, October 06, 2017

New fines for using a mobile/cell phone while riding a bicycle in Germany

It is illegal to use a mobile phone or read, write or send a text message while driving in Germany, not that this stops drivers doing this. The same law applies to cyclists, although the fines for cyclists are lower than for motorists. The on the spot fines have recently been increased and are quite hefty: 55€ if caught using a phone, a tablet or a laptop while cycling. I presume by laptop the authors of the law are referring to Microsoft Surface or a Chromebook of sometime, otherwise it would be awkward to attach to the bike. The mind still boggles about taking one's eyes off the road to send messages or pnone.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Locomore is running trains between Stuttgart and Berlin again

The private train operator Locomore has started up again and is operating in cooperation with Flixbus. You can book your tickets on the Flixbus website: Prices are less than the Deutsche Bahn but the journey is slightly slower than with DB.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Electro Cargo Bikes for Hire in Cologne

I came to Germany about 40 years ago. At that time most German young men drank beer. If a visitor came round it was usual to offer them a bottle of beer, so every two or three weeks one would buy a crate of beer. In those far off days one normally used a car in order to drive to an out of town supermarket to pick up the beer. Trolleys, bike trailers and cargo bikes were unknown. I did not have a car so would walk round to a local shop and stagger back with 20 bottle crate causing my fingers to gradually numb. These days we drink about a crate of beer annually and now there is a possibilty of hiring an electro-cargo bike, in Cologne at least:

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