Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The perfect squelch

We were in Carcassone with two touring bikes and a trailer. We had been camping but we'd decided to go to a B&B as the weather had turned distinctly cold. We parked the two bikes outside the tourist office at the end of a parking bay. I went into the office to get the addresses of B&Bs farther along the Canal du Midi. It was the wrong office and we were directed to another tourist office under the walls of the Cité. Meanwhile a small printer's van drew up outside and the driver suggested to Judith in no uncertain terms she put the bikes on the pavement effectively blocking it and he would stick the vehicle's nose in the space left by our bikes (thus also blocking the street.). He wanted to deliver some printing. Judith refused.
Driver:"Madame I am working. You are only on holiday."
Judith: "Without us and our money monsieur, you would have no work!"
Driver drove off in high dudgeon and blocked the footpath himself.

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