Friday, March 30, 2012

Useful Links for cyclists touring in Germany

I read a blog today about route finding for cyclists in Germany. Somehow the authors managed to miss out our favourite links and some useful websites. Just to make up for the missing pearls:

Two from us: We are not being immodest. They do offer a lot of information about cycling in Alsace, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

If you need to take a train with your bike then our contribution to the AtoB website ( could be of interest. Maxa and Tim Burley's website with the distilled wisdom of over a decade's cycling in the Fatherland. An excellent review of cycling facilities in Germany. The German National Tourist
Office's website has extensive descriptions of the major signposted cycling routes in Germany. lets you plan cycle routes in North Rhine Westphalia.  lets you plan cycle routes in Rhineland Palatinate, not only in its wine country.

We mentioned the joys of cycling in Saarland recently on this blog: lets you plan cycle routes in Hesse. offers information about cycling in Lower Saxony. offers info about cycling in the North of Germany and into Denmark. gives details of tours in NE Germany. offers info about cycling in Saxony.

Unfortunately the tourist authorities of the province of Saxony Anhalt are of the opinion that only Germany speakers are interested in cycling there: .

We just returned from a week in Thuringia and can heartily recommend it. There is some information under to be found offers information about cycling in the province of Saxony.

The Brandenburg Tourist Office's website ( offers a compact description of the major cycle tourist routes in the province.

Berlin offers a lot to the cyclist:  and

Bavaria is not only a very big province, it offers a wide range of cycle routes:

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