Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forest clean up

We picked up litter again today. Viernheim organised its annual clean up of the approach roads and woods. About 150 people from amongst others the German St John's, the volunteer fire brigade, the THW- the emergencies and civil defense organisation, but none of the walking clubs (odd!) turned up to help clean up.We are both amazed by the idleness of folk who drop litter by a litter bin. Presumably they're thinking when the team come to pick up litter from the bins they have only have to bend down to pick up a bit more. At this point they can go home with a clear conscience. No way, José. The oddest thing we found was a one metre piece of railway line. There were a lot of schnapps bottles to be found as well. Jägermeister is very popular with visitors to the woods.
We picked up a lot of snotty but dry paper handkerchiefs today, so the next time you blow your nose underway and throw the wet soggy piece of paper in to the bushes thinking "It's organic, it'll rot down", it will. However it takes a year or two to complete the cycle and in between times your action does not beautify the woods or bushes. It looks dreadful. Pop them in a poly bag and take them home.

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