Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saarland Radweg (Cycle Route)

The Saarland Radweg is a circular route that runs for 356 km near to the borders of the province with France, Luxembourg and Rhineland Palatinate, another German province. It is billed as being a medium to sporty run. I've looked at the profile and can well believe this. There are at least 1300 m of climbs to be expected.
The Saarland lies within easy reach of Hahn and Luxembourg airports. In addition the TGVs that connect Paris and Luxemburg take bicycles, but you will need to reserve bicycle slots. There are only 8 per train. There are no bicycle slots on the TGVs that run to Frankfurt.
It is a suggestion if you need something to do over the long weekend when the Queen celebrates her 60th Jubilee.

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