Friday, March 09, 2012

Cycling Route through the Black Forest

We went to two walking and cycle touring exhibitions recently. The first in Stuttgart at the CMT a massive camping,  caravanning and tourism show. This is held annually in January and on the first weekend one giant hall is dedicated to walkers and cyclists. We picked up a fair amount of information on outdoor holidays in Germany and will pass this on to our readers over the next few weeks.
The  other exhibition was much smaller. It was held in our local shopping centre (mall), but interestingly enough almost all of the exhibitors featured cycling.
One of the stands that caught our eye was a description of the Black Forest Panoramic Cycling Route between Pforzheim and Waldshut-Tiengen on the Rhine and the Swiss border. It is 280km (142 miles) long and is hilly in parts. More information is to be found under (in German - but there is always Google-Translator). There are tours with prebooking and baggage transport to be had.

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