Friday, May 02, 2014

Cycle route planning in Germany with GPS download

Germany is a federal republic and cycle routes are the responsibility of the provinces, so formerly you had to check a number of sites if you wished to plan a cross country route. However those provinces that have online official route planners have got together under the VeRa website: Although it is in German it is easy to use. When you open the website there is a map showing the various provinces. Those that are brightly coloured offer route planners that cover the province and a few kilometres over their borders. Click on the map to use its cycling information systems. These programs also offer the possibility of planning routes into other provinces. Using the Baden Württemberg planner, for example, you can work out a route from Basel, Switzerland to Cologne through four different provinces.  
At the time of writing the following provinces offer route planning with GPS download: 
  • Baden-Württemberg: German only, iPad Android App available.
  • Bavaria: German only.
  • Hesse: English available iPad Android App available.
  • North Rhine Westphalia: English available.
  • Rhineland Palatinate: English available.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: English available.
  • Thuringia: English available.

Bremen can be accessed via VeRa. The website is in German only with no GPS. It is a very small area.
Berlin also has a route planning program available, but not via VeRa: The website offers a German language route planner with the option of Android and iPhone apps

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