Monday, May 19, 2014

Carrying rucksacks, panniers and cardboard boxes on bicycles

I am amused/horrified by cyclists who need to carry heavy loads. A favourite is on their backs, rather than letting the bicycle frame carry the load. Another approach is to pop a rucksack or briefcase in a basket on the rear of the bike (better!) but then hold it down with one hand.
Some riders have to wear their load as they use road bikes to tour and commute. Road bikes are useless for anything except as a way of going fast and getting fit. They do not normally come with lugs to attach a carrier.  Others do not have any convenient way of attaching a bag to the bike rack. The standard way to attach a bag is to buy a couple of cheap and cheerful bungees.  These give me the willies. When I stretch them I have a vision  of a skewered eyeball when the hook slips. I have just come across a set of straps with a safer design: ROK Commuter Straps ( You loop the strap onto the bike rack, click the buckles together and  tighten the strap around the bag.
As soon as we can find a dealer they will be bought.


  1. Anonymous12:19 pm UTC

    I' m interested in this solution too. Did you find an european dealer? Or a similar product?

  2. Although I have been in a number of bike shops since I wrote the blog I have yet to find these items.

  3. Check out:
    The straps have been sold in the EU for many years, mostly to the motorcycle market.

    However, there are two distributors who sell bicycle commuter straps:
    in Germany

    USED GmbH
    am bahnhof 3
    49610 Quakenbrück

    Email 1:
    Phone: 05431-9089987 (Fax)
    05431-9089983 (Work)

    in Britain
    Oxford Products-

    Both distributors will be at Eurobike in August.


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