Friday, April 13, 2012

e-Bikes in Saarland

The tiny German province of Saarland stuck on the far west of the country is a great place to cycle, but it has one disadvantage in that goes up and down a lot. It is a hilly province. It borders on the French region of Lorraine,  Luxembourg and the German province of Rhineland Palatinate. There is a lot to see not only in the Saarland itself,  but also in its neighbours.  It is great place to tour, but the hills make hard work. The tourist authority in the Saarland has encouraged the founding of an eBike  network with rental stations, battery changing facilities and transport services all over the province.

Rental costs for e-Bikes:
Half day EUR 12
One day EUR 20
Weekend all-inclusive price EUR 35 (from Friday 1 pm to Monday 1 pm)
For seven days: EUR 110
To order a free of charge folding map with cycling tour suggestions, rental stations and other useful information, please call the tourist authority on 0049 (0) 681 927200 or email or check Saarbrücken the starting point for many of the suggested tours is easy to reach via its own airport and Luxembourg and Hahn airports. 

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