Saturday, March 05, 2016

Bicycle and e-bike hire in the upper Rhine Valley (Southern Rhineland Palatinate, North Baden) in Germany

Bellorange Fahrradverleih offers a range of hire bicycles in the South of Rhineland Palatinate and North Baden (Black Forest) for both short and long periods. The website is in German, but you can check the location of the bike stations, look at prices "Preise" on the website or ring the company on +49 6323 957 423 1,  where you can chat in English. Bikes can be picked up in:

  • Edenkoben.
  • Bad Bergzabern.
  • Wörth.
  • Speyer.
  • Bad Dürkheim.
  • Bad Wildbad.
  • Enzklösterle.

Bikes can be returned to other locations. Many hotels in the area offer this company's bikes for hire. Many of the hire sites only have a few bicycles and so, it is necessary to book, at the latest, a few days in advance. For the busy periods, school holidays, public holidays and the like, for example, it is better to book as soon as you can.

There are two sites in Edenkoben, one of which is the company's central warehouse. This is near to the railway station. Bike hire here is at the time of writing 10% cheaper than in the other locations. Need we say more? Information about rail travel in Germany can be found on and local public transport (bus, railway and ferries) in Rhineland Palatinate and Northern Baden-Württemberg  can found on

Prices are reasonable. There are serious discounts for multi day and for group hire.
The company offers:
  • Touring bikes with 8 gear hub gears and a back pedal brake.
  • Touring bikes with 24 gear derailleur gears.
  • Premium touring bikes with 30 gear derailleur gears.
  • Mountain bikes.
  • Pedelecs (e-bikes). As long as all goes well we hope we can hire at least two of these bikes to follow the Rhineland Palatinate Route, mentioned last week.
  • Trailers for drink crates, dogs and children. Not all at the same time.
  • Helmets.
  • Gloves and other oddments. 
  • Extra batteries for e-bikes.
We have yet to hire from the company, but from our written contact it seems to be well organised. We will report after our trip later in the year.

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