Friday, February 05, 2016

Baggage (especially bicycles) forwarding within Germany.

Deutsche Bahn, German Railways offer baggage forwarding services including bicycles. The company does not transport baggage itself, but uses a German logistics company called Hermes. Information about these door to door services is only available in German.You cannot send your bike from a station to another, i.e. you will need a pick up address in Germany and a shipping address. The space formerly occupied by baggage express services on the station will now be filled by a shop selling ladies' underwear or a night club. Such is progress. However you can send a bicycle in two or three days from any German address to any other German address for 27.50€.  If you inform the railways of your wish to send one or more bikes, the pick up service will bring you packing for it or them. For four Euros more you can specify a three hour time window when the bike/s will be picked up. If you send the bike to an airport then it will be stored until you pick it up. You will have to pay a few Euros a day charges, but in case you have damaged your bike or yourself, shipping your bike might be worth doing, rather than lugging it about with you.

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