Sunday, January 31, 2016

E-road bikes?

I came across an advertisement today in our Sunday paper for a local big shed bicycle dealer who is currently selling over 1000 bikes at much reduced prices. The E-bike section caught my eye. In addition to sensible bikes like second hand Flyers at 55% cheaper than the new price and new Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse for ca 1500 Euros, a saving of 600 Euros, there are also E-mountain bikes and E-road bikes for sale. I can just about understand the concept of E-mountain bike. There was an article in "Panorama", the German Alpine Club's magazine last year about a group of more mature cyclists (65+) who cycled one of the Transalp MTB routes and used the extra power to ascend steeper bits on the way. This is not a bad wheeze, especially at my time of life. However a road bike is a fitness machine and to add electrical power to make life easier is a bit like having an escalator to reach a fitness studio on the first floor.

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