Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eurobike and trends

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel is going to open this year's Eurobike Cycle Exhibition in Friedrichshafen on 28 August. This either highlights the importance of the bicycle industry and cycling in Germany or is an attempt by Frau Dr. Merkel to improve her green credentials, depending on your political leanings. There are national elections shortly in Germany.
The Eurobike exhibition is one of the most important bicycle exhibitions in the world, if not the most important.
As usual the bicycling press has been busy rehashing press releases listing the new products at the show. There is a definite trend towards cycle gear that does not resemble the modern brightly coloured wind and waterproof cycle clothing. It is tweedy or in colours that blend in withe the surroundings. I am not impressed by this trend towards cycling gear that does not look like cycling clothes and costs an arm and a leg. I have no desire to mention names in case I receive a letter from Messrs. Sue, Grabbit and Run. It would appear to be de rigueur to wear clothes off a bike that look as though they were made for cycling. I cannot understand why. OK I can see that it is not the best of taste to go to a funeral wearing skin tight lycra shorts and a maillot jaune, but what is the objection in cycling into work wearing a cyclist's wind- and waterproof jacket, then hanging it up during the day. I left a sports coat at work for several years that I put on when I needed a jacket in meetings. Sorry guys, it is a fashion and I am too old to be bothered with such fripperies.

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