Sunday, August 25, 2013

Are cyclists intelligent?

I have long thought that cyclists are super intelligent. If you have ever tried to follow one of the older signposted German routes you will realise that cyclists need super powers of observation to find ten pence piece sized marker logos or superb powers of deduction to work out which way to cycle at unmarked junctions. Matters have improved over the last few years, I must admit. My faith in our intelligence is however shaken occasionally by idiots who insist on cycle touring wearing heavy walkers' rucksacks, even when their bikes have luggage carriers. I read a book some years ago where the author claimed that pannier or saddle bags were not "cool", neither is a sweaty overloaded back. Recently I have begun to have more doubts about our intelligence after reading an advertisement in the cycling press which suggested that this company's bags were also e-bike compatible. Fortunately nobody has yet to bring out bags built especially for e-bikes.

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