Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bike hire in the Czech Republic

As we blogged two days ago you can hire bikes in Prague, but if you want to to at the views  Z českých luhů a hájů - From Bohemia's woods and fields, it might well be better to hire from elsewhere in the country. CD, Czech Railways offers trekking bikes for hire at railway stations over large areas of the country between April 1 and October 31. This is a bit late for this year, but next year…

CD offers:
  • On selected lines you can transport your rented bike by train free of charge
  • You can store the bike free of charge at ČD luggage storage locations
  • You can usually return the bike at a different location from where you rented it
  • You can reserve a bike in advance
  • Low rental rates. In 2012 it was about €8 for one day and €48 for a week. Prices vary from region to region.
More information is available on Click on the map to find detailed information on hire stations and prices.

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