Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Folding bikes and Mothering Sunday. What is the best way to fold a bike?

I recently came across a link to a website suggesting presents for mums on Mothering Sunday / Mothers' Day. One of these presents is a MINI folding bike marketed by the BMW subsidiary that manufactures the MINI car. It comes in two colours, black or lime green and leaves one in no doubt from whom the bike comes. The frame is well endowed with MINI decals. The bike is actually a rebadged Tern Link. It would appear to be cheaper than the original Tern, but I've not checked the street prices of both bikes worldwide.
Like all the bikes from Tern and Dahon it has one major big time disadvantage when compared with the Brompton. When the bike is folded, the chain is on the outside, whereas with the Brompton the bike folds around the chain. Because the chain is on the outside of the folded bike, there is a good chance of your mum getting oil on her trousers carrying the folded bike. She is not going to be a happy camper. Believe me! We own a couple of Dahon folding tourers which also fold the woman-unfriendly way and I have had oil on my trousers a number of times. She who must be obeyed normally does the washing at Forsyth Towers and she was not happy.

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