Friday, February 13, 2015

Renting a bike or e-bike in Neuenburg not far from Alsace or the Black Forest near Basel/Basle

The following shops and organisations offer bike for hire in Neuenburg near Basel/Basle/Bâle. You will need a passport or identity card and probably a returnable deposit to hire the bikes in addition to the rental fee.

Dreiländer Camping- und Freizeitpark
Oberer Wald
Telefon: 07631/77 19

Alfons Harwardt
Verleih und Reparatur
Rebstraße 12
Telefon: 07631/7 41 60

Jürgens Bike Shop
Verleih und Reparatur
Westtangente 6
Telefon: 07631/70 53 98-0

Stadt Neuenburg am Rhein
E-Bikes for rent
Rathausplatz 5
Telefon: 07631/791-0

You don't have to cycle up into the Black Forest. What about nipping over into France, turning left to cycle to the gates of Basel and then come back up the German side of the Rhine.

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