Friday, January 23, 2015

E-Bike Hire in the Black Forest on its western edge near Baden-Baden, Buhl and Achern

The Black Forest features some serious climbs and those of us who are long in years are beginning to think about renting an e-bike, rather than our usual technique of cheating by sticking to river valleys and even taking to the train or bus to ascend the hills. Over the next few weeks we will try to list those hotels, organisations and shops who rent out e-bikes in the Black Forest. We will also try to mention in addition whether a hire company has normal bikes in case you have purists or keeny-beanies in your party. There are over two hundred e-bike charging points in the Black Forest and a goodly number of hire points. While your bike is charging you can lunch or eat a serious sized portion of Black Forest gateau. (All of the portions of BFG in this neck of the woods are enormous.) Obviously you need to check beforehand whether your hire point has bikes available and whether in the case of a hotel the management is prepared to hire to non-guests. You will need a passport or identity card and probably a returnable deposit to hire the bikes in addition to the rental fee.

Zweirad Fuhr
In den Lissen 16
76547 Sinzheim
+49(0)7221 3776505
Mon-Fri 9am-12:30pm. 2pm-6:30pm
Sat 9am-2pm
5 e-bikes 28€ Day
Schwarzwälder Hof
Kirchstr 38
77855 Achern
+49(0)7841 69680
Tue-Sat 11-23:00
Sun: 10-14:00
Closed Mon
2 ebikes
15€ Half day
25€ Day
Naturparkhotel Holzwurm
Am Altenrain 12
77877 Sasbachwalden
+49(0) 7841 20540
Apr-Oct: 8-22:00 daily
2 e-bikes 
Half day: 11€
Day 19€
H Engel, Talstr 14, 77877 Sasbachwalden
+49(0) 7841 3000
Tue-Sun: 8-23:00
Closed Mondays
2 e-bikes 
Half day: 11€
Day 19€
Zweiradwelt Rest Oberacherner Str 77 77855 Achern
Mon-Fri: 9-18:00
Sat: 9-13:00
4 e-bikes
Day 20€
Ferienhof Fischer Busterbach 13
77889 Seebach
+49(0)7842 2751
Ring to make an appointment.
2 e-bikes 
Half day: 14€ 
Day: 24€
Berghotel Mummelsee
Schwarzwaldhochstr 11
77889 Seebach
+49(0) 7842 99286
Daily 9-22:00
2 e-bikes 
Half day: 14€ 
Day: 24€
On Black Forest Hochstraße

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