Friday, July 25, 2014

Hire a bike in Berlin and drop it off in Copenhagen

If you hire a car in Madrid and wish to drive to Oslo, you can leave it in Oslo at a branch of the company. It will cost you a few pounds/dollars/euro/krone more, but you can do it. Normally it is not possible to rent a bike in one place and return it somewhere else. We have written about this problem recently.

We are planning a tour along part of the Berlin-Copenhagen cycle route and by chance I discovered that you can rent a bicycle in Copenhagen and return it in Berlin or vice versa. 
Fahrradstation (a Berlin bike hire company) in collaboration with MTB-Tour (Værløse, Copenhagen) offers the opportunity to rent a reliable bicycle in Berlin to ride this beautiful and famous international cycle route and then easily return it in Copenhagen. As well as the other way round!  You can enjoy a one-way ride without worrying about returning the bike to the starting point.

Choose your two-wheeler among a range of:
  • trekking bikes
  • mountain bikes
  • e-bikes
but also childrens' bikes and tandems!
Bike7 Days10 Days14 Days
MTB€ 199,-€ 229,-€ 259,-
Trekking Bike€ 199,-€ 229,-€ 259,-
E-Bike€ 299,-€ 349,-399,-
Child's Bike
€ 169,-

€ 399,-
For any further information and for reservation, contact Fahrradstation  at

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