Friday, May 04, 2012

From Node to Node

If you've read our eBook: "Following the Rhine gently upstream Rotterdam to Basel, a Cycle Tourist’s Guide" available from Smashwords and Amazon you will have noticed that we are great fans of the Belgian and Dutch knooppunt system. This system uses a series of numbered points to link cycleways across a region. It's a great idea and means that navigation can be reduced to a list of numbers on a sheet of paper. The problem for the British and the US Americans as well would be that you need a basic network of cycle paths to start with. Obviously the system would work well in Germany and I was pleased to read recently that Rhine-Neuss County in North Rhine Westphalia in in process of setting up a node system for cyclists. It should be in operation this summer. Great news. It is to be hoped that other local authorities in Germany follow Rhine-Neuss County's example.

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