Friday, November 11, 2011

Cycling in Denmark

Since its capital city, Copenhagen, is rated as one the best, if not the best city in the world to cycle, Denmark is obviously a good place for cycle touring. We were very pleased to discover a new route planning website for the country: on a recent visit to Copenhagen.


  1. Anonymous2:26 am UTC

    Neil - could you contact me? Your e-mail address is bouncing. Thanks, Russell

  2. I love your blog! Have you spent any time in Prague on your travels? I am thinking of taking a city breaks trip in Prague later in the season and cycle around the Czech Republic. Can't wait!

  3. Mike
    We have not cycled in Prague.
    We heard a lecture on Tuesday by a young German couple who visited Prague on their way back to Viernheim from Istanbul. From what we could see cycle routes in the Czech Republic outside of the cities seem to be unsealed paths - more MTB than racing bikes, though a good trekking bike would have no problems.


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