Saturday, April 19, 2014

Somebody is offering one of our books free of charge without permission.

We picked up a website supposedly offering our Romantic Road book for free. We would like to stress that we have no connection with this website and if any of our books are on offer free of charge it is so without our permission.
The website concerned looks serious, but… The supposed ISBN changes every time that one opens the link. The publisher is supposedly a reputable scientific book publisher. We self-publish. Interestingly enough another guide book about the Romantic Road is also supposedly available from this website and this publisher. We have no connection with the supposed publisher neither does the other guide book publisher.
I have not attempted to download the book because it could be a phishing ploy. I am very suspicious. I would suggest that if you wish to read our book you log on to Amazon or Smashwords and pay the few dollars it costs. It is safer. You could lose a lot of money otherwise.

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