Saturday, April 26, 2014

Copenhagenize your cycle touring instantly

There is an excellent website about cycle way design based on experience in Copenhagen called It is almost heavenly to cycle in Copenhagen, but it has taken 40 years of hard graft to get to the point where over a third of all journeys in the Copenhagen metropolitan area are made by bike.
We and well over a hundred others managed to achieve this nirvana this morning. The German Cardiologists Society met in Mannheim this week and today there was a cycle ride as part of a campaign to popularise exercise as a way of keeping heart problems at bay. Our cycle club, the ADFC supplied experienced cyclists to ride with the group. We were amongst these and left the Mannheim Congress Centre with about 100 others. When I heard the route described which included riding along Mannheim's ring to the then dive under the railway lines to reach the Rhine, I was not happy. However we had four police motorcyclists with us and they blocked off traffic on any road joining that could have given us problems. This is a cheap and simple way of finding out what it is like to cycle in Copenhagen, but it might be difficult to arrange for a Sunday club run.

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