Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea and coffee in Mannheim and Heidelberg

Unfortunately we need to go fairly regularly to the university clinics in both Mannheim and Heidelberg. On our last visit it struck us they also make excellent stopping points for cyclists. Both of them have good cafeterias and of course plenty of clean rest rooms. Cafeteria prices are reasonable and there seems to be no objection to members of the public popping in for a quick cuppa. The Heidelberg clinic is to be found in the university campus on the right bank of the Neckar near the youth hostel and the zoo. Each of the major clinic buildings has a cafeteria signposted from the entrance. More information can be found at The Mannheim clinic is also on the right bank of the Neckar just to the north of the city centre. The cafeteria and canteen (Casino) is in the centre of the building complex. It is open from 0700 until 1500. Obviously other hospitals in German cities will offer similar facilities.

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