Monday, March 26, 2018

The Dachshund or Sausage Dog Museum in Passau

If you are cycling the Donau Radweg (Danube Cycle Route) and pass through or start from Passau to cycle off to Vienna don't miss Blumen-Seppi's (Josef Küblbeck's) and Oliver Storz's Dackel (Dachshund) Museum. They share a very special passion for the Dachshund. Their love for their four-legged friends is so great that they have opened a Sausage Dog Museum next to Passau Cathedral. They have collected 250 Dackel (dachshund) exhibits. The short-legged dog can be admired in all its facets in 80 square metres. For example, on beer mugs, beer mats, as pretsels, postcards or Nymphenburg porcelain. 250 dachshund exhibits have already been collected by Blumen-Seppi and Oliver Storz.

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