Friday, May 09, 2014

World Klapprad Races in Berlin

The Giro starts today in Northern Ireland and the Tour de France starts on 5 July in Yorkshire, but both events pale beside the one on 17 May (next week) when the World Klapp Race Series takes place away from its Ludwigshafen home in Berlin for the first time.  The Merkel Loop, the 1.8km long circular course along the Straße der 17. Juni past the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Platz der Republik offers excellent viewing for the expected 20 000 visitors, including Chancellor Merkel from her office window. Brits should imagine a bike race from the Houses of Parliament, up Whitehall around Trafalgar Square and along the Mall to Buckingham Palace and return. In total 32 teams of four riders all of whom must wear moustaches*, will complete three circuits of the course riding Klapprads with carefully defined characteristics:
  • The Klapprad must be at least 30 years old. Folding bikes like Birdies or Bromptons are not allowed.
  • The Klapprad shall not possess gears or a duomatic gear. A suitable gear for Berlin can be mounted.
  • Racing or time trial handlebars are absolutely excluded - use the original handlebars, or similar.
  • Klapprad tandems are not allowed
  • The use of click pedals is recommended
  • Ideally, the Klapprad has mudguards, foxtail and a functioning lighting system
The time of the third fastest member of the team will determine the winners.  The winners will receive the Berlin Bear Trophy, with its cool shades and, of course, a moustache.

*In spite of this, ten of those taking part are female. 

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