Sunday, June 03, 2018

Insurance for e-bikes

Fifty or so years ago a fellow student whose name I forget, who had worked for the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, recounted that when he first started on the paper the subeditors aimed at producing copy where each paragraph had a maximum of one sentence with each sentence having a maximum of one word. He was an excellent source of stories most of which I cannot remember and they were probably libellous.
It's long struck me as a good aim although rather impracticable. I never thought I could use this concept until I read of the European Commission plans to have all electric bicycle (e-bike) users take out third party insurance. There is only one word to describe this plan: 


We Europeans live in cities where the air quality is lousy; where too many of us get too little exercise with its attendant effects on the waistline; where a short trip to the bakers is made by car wasting resources on a grand scale. Cycling whether electrically assisted or not would decrease air pollution,  increase exercise, reduce waistlines and waste fewer resources. It will cause additional annual costs of at least 40€ for each e-bike user in Germany. To what end? The mind boggles. Practically all Germans have a third party insurance for accidents.

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